Julie Hayek Today

Former “Miss USA”, and the first runner-up in the “Miss Universe” pageant, Julie Hayek graduated from UCLA with a B.S. in Biology and a minor in psychology. She is a professionally trained actress who has guest starred and co-starred in dozens of television shows as well as many feature films.

According to a recent article in Shape magazine “Julie Hayek looked so amazing in a bikini, she scored the highest swimsuit scores during both Miss USA and Miss Universe, and by the looks of her current photo, not much has changed.”  Julie is currently writing a book on Health and Fitness, in which she is addressing the questions she is frequently asked about how she stays in such great shape, such as: Is it her diet? Is it her exercise routine? Is it her attitude? Or is it all of them?

Based on her success in modeling swimwear, and active-wear for many years, Julie wants to share her health and fitness secrets with the world to help inspire and empower women to be healthy, fit, strong and independent

Contrary to what has been erroneously claimed in the gossip rags, Julie is NOT writing a book about dating billionaires.  Julie has repeatedly clarified that the only book she has ever intended to write is a book that helps Inspire and Empower women. Read More..

Currently, Julie is a Real Estate agent licensed in both New York & Florida, providing advice and solutions to clients on luxury properties.